Add pro form [add to cart] to product page

sorry for the stupid question… 😭

could someone share your pro form [add to cart] setting screenshoot ?

I have read doc but still can’t figur out how to make it.

I want use proform to replace bricks default add to cart button function. proform [ add to cart ] needs variation option and qty input.

make sure you have your woocommerce plugin active,
on the pro forms, add the action woocommerce add to cart. you will see a woocommerce tab in the pro form settings

thx for your reply.

my woocommerce site is launch for years, but new to bricksforge.

can’t figure out how to let it showing Variations option and condition to the current product.

ask for help.
still can’t figure out how to use pro form to replace product page default add to cart.
I want it showing variation option and add to cart button.

after select pro form add to cart function I don’t know how to let them condition to current product and showing variation option.

needs help~ plz~~ :pray:t2: