Add timeScale as a GSAP Animation (Animation Action)

After watching the great demo and seeing the practical demo, I was reminded that closing or reversing is often a thing that needs a different timescale. Hence, I would suggest adding:

Setting timeScale as an Animation Action on a GSAP Animation (Action).

This allows to tweak the timescale and allows playing the reverse quicker and even reversing while playing forward with a negative timescale. It isn’t limited to reverse and can be used for use case where the same animation is needed, but quicker (or slower).

In relation to reversing with a negative value:

Just the page from the API:

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This is a feature I am missing with I’d love this!

The sad thing about Motion Page … they are pretty slow in implementing stuff. They missed being truly responsive from the get go, but to be fair gsap.matchMedia() was released after they launched. On the other hand, they still haven’t implemented it, making it really hard to have different animations for breakpoints. I think this is still something also missing in the BricksForge Animation Panel. The upside for BricksForge is, it can still deliver on it without worrying to break too many pages, being in its earlier stages. I am still baffled how efficient @Daniele is in coding and pumping out great stuff.