Advanced mode Customizer - Can't edit new role after creation


I love the idea of the Customizer for users and am hoping it may become more granular in the controls, since we want to use Bricks for clients who may screw stuff up. I noticed when I created a new, custom role (other than admin, editor, etc), I could select from a long long list of permissions, some related to plugins as well - great. But now I don’t seem able to edit those permissions after the role is created.

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for opening this thread! :slight_smile:

How important would it be to be able to edit user permissions after creating a new user? What the community think about this? Bricksforge is not a user role editor and the creation of new user roles was a nice to have to make things easier. Should Bricksforge become more advanced in this area?

I appreciate your feedback about this!

Nice to have, but there are good free alternatives specializing in this. I was anyway wondering that BricksForge offers the creation of roles rather than only reading in all roles provided by Wordpress and membership/role plugins. BricksForge should keep its focus on Bricks related enhancements or it might lose its focus.

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For me, wanting to use Bricks for client websites, we are torn, because the builder is of course advanced we are hesitating, so being able to change permissions (other than Bricks default) for easier client use is appealing. Could easily be something Bricks adds later down the road. What you have is certainly gives more granular control over how builder looks for other user roles, so that is great.

I don’t necessarily want more features, but rather more video (or even text) tutorials and documentation. Your youtube video absolutely sold me and I got lifetime but I feel like such a noob using the tools haha!