Animation box disappear

If I start to type something else in the animation selector (that has already a selector written) then the animation box disappear (as well as the timeline vizualization obviously), is it just me?

I made a recording so maybe it is more obvious to you hopefully.

I can confirm that.
I was close to record also a video.

For me it’s also happening when I select all and I want to start with # or even with .

I confirm also that I have that in my list of bugs

I can confirm it, too.

same I wrote support 1 week ago, it is when you type . or # it disappears, scroll trigger and several other functions are not working as well.

Hey guys! I can confirm it. This week I’ll deploy a hotfix in a new version. Thanks for reporting this issue!


Fixed! Will be included in 2.1.5, which I’ll deploy tomorrow :slight_smile:


2.1.5 is live. Please update and let me know if that solves the issue :slight_smile:

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Seems fine on my side, thank you very much!

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@Daniele still remaining the case you are trying to have multiple selectors (like to target #parent .child) or if by mistake you hit # and . and the bug is still here :confused:

Try 2.1.6 :slight_smile: