Animation in slider


I have a Nestable Slider and would like to animate an element of the slider when it becomes visible. When I use enter the viewport, it seems that the animation also starts on slides that are not visible. Is there a way to start the animation when the slider is visible?

I also would like the animation to be kicked off every time the slide is visible.



You need to use the Slider Events: Bricksforge Panel – Bricksforge Docs

Thanks Daniele. I have just scratched the surface with Bricksforge. It looks very powerful.
I manage to do the animation that I wanted. In order for the animation to happen every time the slide is displayed, I am using the ‘Restart’ animation option. However, during a fraction of a second, when the slide is displayed, the elements appear in the final position. Is there a way to avoid this to make the animation smooth? (example:

You could set the initial value with CSS, for example visibility: hidden to hide the elements on page load.
Or, use a “from” or “fromTo” animation. Then the initial state will be set earlier.