Animation on 2 breakpoints not working on front end (and then disappear from timeline)

Hi Daniele,

my animation on this page (Testseite für Header-Menü – besecke – smart automation) doesn’t work on the 2 smaller breakpoints. Although it does work in the editor. Do I do something wrong or is it a bug?

I made a short 2-minute video to show the issue:

And now - 3 minutes after recording the video and getting back to the animation, 2 animations disappeared from the timeline. See here.

Thank you for checking this out! :pray:

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Hi @Daniele ,
I have redone the menu animation - it stills doesn’t work on the 2nd breakpoint.

I show it to you here in 35 seconds: Redone Animation still not workin on 2nd breakpoint · CleanShot Cloud

Could you get a clue about this?

Best regards,

Hi Heiko,

the problem seems not to be the animation itself, but the triggering. I see that you’ve selected “Custom” as timeline trigger. So I assume you play the animation on click using an event instance? Could you re-check if your element which receives the click event really exists and the click event is firing? You could simply check that with a console.log(event), using the Event Action “JavaScript”.

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Hi Daniele,
thank you for looking into my “bug”. Your advice let me solve the problem. :pray:

Solution: I needed a 2nd trigger event (same button) that now addressed the mobile timeline. Not the desktop timeline! :man_facepalming: Now it works totally fine! :white_check_mark:

Again: I love BF and also your kind support. It adds the sixth star for me to it :star::star::star::star::star::star2:

Thank you very much!

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