Animations not working on Bricks Templates

Hello, I wanted to report that the animations that are created using the settings in the “style” tab do not seem to work within bricks templates. Meaning, once you set the animations and view on the frontend, they do not work. I have made sure that “Add Element ID & class as needed” is not turned on. So it is not a selector issue. Plus, I can create the animations on a normal page and everything works as expected. It appears that when rendering content with the templates on the frontend, the gsap does not get loaded?
I have tested with the latest (Bricks 1.8.3 and BF Version and an older (Bricks 1.7.3 and BF Version

Any idea what the issue could be? Thanks

Hey Keith! Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce it. Will push a hotfix today :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply and all of your hard work!

@Daniele Hey Daniele, I noticed that this has “fixed” next to it. I updated to but I have the same issue? Any advice? Thanks!

Strange. Cannot reproduce it anymore. How dir you insert the template? And did you try to clear the cache? Do the animation work when opening the template as preview?

@Daniele I did try to clear cache, but that did not work either. I Have a fresh install with Bricks 1.8.3 and BF I have 2 pages set up. One is a standard page, the other is a “product” with a template applied. The animation works in the builder and when previewing. Even when exiting the builder it works, but that is because it is still in a preview type mode. Once the template is rendered on the frontend it does not work. For example, In this case when creating a product template and applying it to products and then viewing the product.

Oh! Understand the real issue now. Thanks for providing me this context. Will send you a new Bricksforge version via DM. Could you test if it works with the new build?

Sure! I would be glad to. Thanks