Animations not working on frontend

Hey guys,
I don’t do much with Animations. Just tried adding some. They work in the Editor, but not on the front end. No console errors. Is this a current issue?

See this video.

Have any admins seen this yet?

Hey Alan! Thank you for reporting this. It’s quite unusual and I haven’t been able to reproduce it myself. Initially, I thought that perhaps some of the JS scripts weren’t loading correctly. However, I now suspect that the problem may be that GSAP is unable to locate the elements that require animation. Could you please check on the front-end if the ID/Class of the animated element matches the one in the backend? I noticed that sometimes the “new” Bricks setting “Add Element ID & class as needed” do not add any ID/Class to the element. This could cause the issue.

Thanks Danielle,
Spot on. I did not even think of that. The problem was resolved by setting the ID manually. So just edit and enter a name.

You might want to put up a sticky note on this :slight_smile:

Thanks make.

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