Auto-input Browser-saved personal info into Pro Forms

Does anyone know how I can get the browser-saved personal information to automatically input into Bricks forms?

People love not having to personally fill in forms. At least I do. I love it when my info just pops in for name, phone, email, etc.

But that’s not happening on the forms on my site. Am I missing a setting that allows autocomplete?


Hey! :slight_smile: We can do this adding the autocomplete attribute to the form (fields). I will add this to a future version to optionally allow this :slight_smile: Thank you!


Done :wink: Will be added in 0.9.8 which I deploy…today :slight_smile:

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Wow!! That’s impressive!!!

Pro Forms just became even more PROFESSIONAL!

Thank you @Daniele.

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I have autocomlete on in every form. But they are not autocompleted. I suppose if I want to tell browser that here it can autofill the name, it should be specified somewhere… How to do this?