Auto-populate radio button via URL parameter [Pro Forms]


Anyone knows if it is possible to select a radio option within a form based on a URL parameter.

I was used to doing it with Piotnet Forms, but I am trying to switch into Bricksforge as much as I can.

In Piotnet Forms I add ?in=VALUE and that’s all.

Is it possible to do the same with Bricksforge? All I want is the form being pre-populated when a user comes from a specific button.

Thanks! :blush:


Hey lsaura! :slight_smile:

That’s already possible using Bricks Dynamic Data Tags. Here a screenshot from our documentation:

Hey Daniele! :blush:

I am not sure if I am getting this right… But I am not sure what to do with this info :flushed:

What I need is:

  • I have a form with multiple fields. One of them is a radio field.
  • The radio have different options. Let’s say A, B, C.

I would like to pre-populate the radio field with either A, B or C pre-selected based on a URL parameter.

For example: if my URL is Example Domain, then when the user access to the page with the form, the A radio button would be selected.

Is this possible?

Thank you Daniele!!

Hey knut! :slight_smile:

yeah, exactly this is possible using the recommended steps. Feel free to send me access to your site. I can setup a minimal example. Then, you can try to understand what it does and extend it :slight_smile:

Hi Daniele!

That would be amazing :slight_smile: How can I send you the credentials privately?

Feel free to use private messages here in the forum :wink: Or alternatively, or Facebook. Choose the way you like :smiley:

I am posting the solution Daniele showed me, just for future reference and if someone is looking to do the same:

In the field you would like to auto-populate you need to add an initial value of {url_parameter:choice}. You can change choice for whatever word you want.

Captura de pantalla 2023-06-23 a les 20.12.41

Just that! Now you are able to pre-populate a radio field with the value you place on the URL after the ?choice=XXX

For example, if you go to, the radio with the value Website will be pre-checked for the user.

Thanks Daniele for your help :slight_smile: