Backend Designer - Custom Login URL - different URLs still working

Hello, I noticed that while the /wp-admin URL doesn’t work anymore once you set a custom URL, you can still bypass knowing the actual URL by using “/wp-login.php?loggedout=true&wp_lang=en_US” which is the default URL when you log out of any WP site. Also I’m not sure why, but sometimes even “/wp-login.php” seems to be working, but I don’t really know when. Maybe it has something to do that the page redirects to site/wp-login.php once you type in the correct new login url?

Another small thing (probably a feature request):
I tried using ACSS variables in the login designer, but they don’t work. I assume only variables that are inside bricksforge.css work?

Same issue. Docs say

Change the login URL of your WordPress site for added security. Enter the path without slash. Example: my-backend . The new login URL will be .

Yet a visit to wp-login.php renders the form. This is an incomplete implementation.