Backend designer - Some Bugs

Hi there, I had not have enough time to play with the new Backend designer extension, but I found out while the WPCodebox is installed I have some unwanted text on the top of the canva which I am not sure whtis that for. You can see the image below.
I am not sure if anyone else has this…

Strange! This code is not coming from Bricksforge. We don’t use jQuery. Hehe. Is this gone by deactivating the Backend Designer? Do this appear on all pages?

Is anyone of you guys experiencing the same issue?

Yes by deactivating the extension it goes away. No, it just appers on the Bricksforge canva as I tested. And intresteingly, I just created a demo template for the dashboard design and after the enabling that template it goes away again. the other thing is that after the selecting the newly Bricks template for the dasgboard, it shows the nav bar as well which is strange. look at the image below…

I am also having this issue.

The other issue I found is theat when I open any link in my dashboard, when it opens that linkthen it repeats the left panel menu.
Look at the images below please. Actully I put some blocks in the dashborad, I set one of them to opens the Add a new product page.

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I have the same issue with nav bar and left menu

Thanks very much! I can reproduce these issues :slight_smile: Your feedback is very valuable here. The Backend Designer is in Beta for version 0.9.5. It will be more stable on the next version :slight_smile:

The following issues have been fixed:

  1. The Admin Bar Issue
  2. The issue when opening links

I still cannot reproduce the issue with WPCodeBox. For me, no code appears…

Thanks @daniele,
We are sure you fix the current issues very soon. So that, we’ll try to find out all other issues as much as possible to be fixed in the next release.
I’m not sure if we need to continue reporting the other issues here in thus thread, or I need to open another one.


Feel free to post other issues with the Backend Designer here in this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks, the other suggestion is that please fix the reset function. At the moment as I tested when I reset the settings in any section (backend designer), it removes all settings which is not ideal. For example, I set some design in the Nav tab, then I go to the page tab, after some changes if I’m not happy or if something doesn’t work as expected, if I reset the settings on that tab, it resets the whole things, what I want is that when I reset the settings in any section (tab) , it resets just settings of the relevant tab and not the whole backend design.
I hope I could explain well :grinning:

Hi, i have create a template section to use in dashboard, set this template in bricksforge but, it is not display ? I missed something ?

Did you activate the dashboard options via the related toggles? :slight_smile: (On the right top)

Oups, sorry, now it is display but see how :slight_smile:

This is very strange. Some bugs will be fixed in 0.9.6, for example the admin bar and template links. Could you send me access to your site in a DM? I would take a look :slight_smile: