Backend designer wishes


I’m doing a new post with that, because I’m using the backend designer and I see some features that I’m missing. To keep all in one I’m coping thing from another threat. What I want is to keep a little bit more order in what I see. I will copy the things here and I will add what I see in this threat, if it’s ok.

Until now, this are my propositions:

  • Admin Bar

    • Background color & Text color OR fit with the navigation colors
    • Hide for non admin
    • Hide menu that appears when you hover the wp logo
    • Padding for logo
  • Buttons

    • Background hover color & Text hover color
    • Border & Border hover
  • General

    • Have the possibility to reset settings only for the actual page (Now you only have the possibility to reset all)
    • Possibility to export options
  • Suggestion

    • Move “Tables”, “Forms” and “Buttons” under “Pages”.
    • Crete a BASIC & EXTENDED mode
      • BASIC: One page where you can add few colors (link, dark, light) and that generate the colors for all the colors that you can feel up now
      • EXTENDED: Granular control (like now)

Hope that can help.


I just seen that the colors for admin bar are taken from pages options.
Like that I cannot use the pages sections because is in direct conflict with the admin bar. For example. I add the color for have the admin bar in black and links in white, but I cannot see the rest of the links in the page because they are white.

I hope I could expres myself.


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Do you need to target .button.button-primary? Or you could target just .button-primary?

I say that because the button that I create with metabox is not working because this chain, but will work if it’s only targeted the .button-primary. Maybe there is also another plugins that do the same (I don’t use it).

Thank You!

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