Backend Designer

I was wondering if we could get a few more settings on the backend designer to make it a little bit more customizable and look less ugly.

1.) Is it possible to add an option to reorder and also hide menu items?

2.) Could we have an option to adjust the width of the admin menu? To resize it? I have the small skinny admin menu with no way to increase the width. Would be great.

3.) Something small yet refreshing; could we have an option to move the icons from the left of the title to the right of the title. This feature was something I saw on Ultimate Dashboard years ago and it surprisingly provides a fresher experience. Photo Attached.

Any consideration would be appreciated. I dont know why WP never updates the dashboard and interface. Do they even care!?

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I try to spend some love to the Backend Designer very soon! :slight_smile: Thanks for your input on this!

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This would be wonderful. So often its the little things that make a difference in our day!

I’ve recently looked at plugins for dashboard customization. Many seem either bloated & resource intensive, or poorly suported (ill-suited for client work).
Aside from Ultimate DB Pro (no LTD) and uiPress (expensive LTD, and lesser LTD limited), ASE Pro has seems to have some of the needed core functionality. LTD available until some time in Dec I think. The dev updates frequently, it’s highly rated, low resource consuming, and a jack of many trades. But no styling.
I too would like to see Bricksforge add some custom DB styling / customization options. Just thought I’d mention these options for anybody else looking, so that one day a client doesn’t login and… their dashboard is unexpectedly much more complicated.
Would be good to have a reliable, quality dev like Daniel tackle this for us Bricks users :smiley: