Bank of pre-created animations

I would really like to have access to something like a bank of preset animations, or demos that could be browsed and imported.

Your plugin looks very promising and I am very interested, but the learning curve is steep for non GSAP power users (and it’s a lot potential customers).


Just give it some minutes and let the controls sink in. It is actually very simple to use. Go from left to right…

  • give it a name
  • select the event that triggers
  • in some events you need a trigger element
  • add and action (or multiple)
  • in some action you need to set a target element or an option

:white_check_mark: Your done!

For simple animation use the animations in the side panel… but I would recommend just giving the panel a moment and try to understand it. Well worth the effort as it gives you superpowers. The panel is precisely a thing to build more than the usual slide up and slide left defaults seen everywhere.

PS: I am pretty sure Daniel will release more tutorials once this is released and more matured.

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I was thinking something like using the Bricks option to access community pre-made templates could be a strong selling point.

Because, yes you are right, “DIY” is always better to learn. But pre-made templates also give inspiration on a “artistic” point of view. A little bit like what ACSS is doing with Frame.

Just a thaught!

Frames out already?

The problem with the templates is that it’s not “just” an animation. It would need to be the entire page with HTML and design, as the animation references targets and triggers too. If that can be solved and class conflict can be solved when importing into pages with existing content… Indeed, it would be a neat option to just download a ready-made flay out menu or crazy menu and just tweak it.

Frame was available during 24hours for the people willing to pay for a beta version but with a lifetime licence.

You can see the templates here : Library – Frames (Bricks)

I guess my utimate wish would be to have not the entire page but “sections templates” like this, pre-animated, ready to be customised.

A colab between Bricksforge and ACSS could do the trick :).

Inner Circle and this sale … feels like a frat house membership :disguised_face:

Personally, I’d like to see BricksForge build on its global classes. Even if Bricks Builder implemented global classes management one day. The capability to create your own classes or just copy in popular CSS frameworks would be very unique if we can have some GUI for some key CSS vars or settings.

A way to share designs and pages might come in handy, but probably something Thomas should solve for the entire Bricks eco system.

Agreed :+1:

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