Bricks 1.6 and BricksForge

This thread is to discuss the implications of Bricks 1.6 and BricksForge.

First look at the presentation:

Furher reading

Questions (mainly for @Daniele)

  • What does this mean in relation to BricksForge Events and how will it relate to the new Bricks Interactions going forward?
  • Will they coexist or does the Bricks implementation replace BricksForge Events and BricksForge hooks into that official interactions module in the future to add its own events?
  • What will happen to the BricksForge Popups now?
  • What will be the policy for features that get replaced by Bricks core? Will they be grandfathered in the BricksForge Plugin to avoid breaking sites? Or will there be a period of support and then you will remove them?
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This is currently the most important post in the forum. Before I express my own opinion, I would be interested in what the community thinks about it.

@Community: What do you think? How would you answer Max’s questions? Which way do you think Bricksforge should go here?

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Well as the word “extension” implies, the plugin should of course extend Bricks. I don’t like a coexistence of features, because then I don’t install a plugin as soon as something is available in the core. So Bricksforge should be an extension that should come with every Bricks installation! At least that’s what I wish.

I can imagine that Thomas knows exactly what he wants to integrate in the future and what not. Maybe he can and wants to give you information for that?

So I think it would be great if Bricksforge concentrates on the following:

  • GSAP animations
  • CSS Frameworks
  • Widget (Element) Builder
  • Cloud (saving settings, elements (community shares), CSS frameworks, functions etc…)
  • Form Actions Generator?

Hmm now it already degenerates into an idea board :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d rather the existing core features weren’t in this extension at all and maybe that can be removed now, at least deactivated by us later or run as legacy.


For me … I have similar feelings. The idea to run always just a little ahead of Bricks will unfortunately lead to investing time and effort into functions made obsolete quickly. On the other hand, if a feature is on the long term roadmap having a solution that works now is a legitimate space for a plug-in to exist. That feature might have a clock on it, but I’d rather have it then not. That said, BricksForge with its module approach has many things going for it that still present a great USP.

  • GSAP timelines and animations (and there is still much potential Labels, Callbacks and GSAP Plugins etc.)
  • Global styles and maybe down the line some GUI elements for certain aspect of those to mange custom or existing design systems
  • and I wouldn’t mind the idea to have some widget builder functionality as part BrickForge (even though I bought the full Brick Widget Builder). Even if these are different products, a lite version that only works when BrocksForge is installed and is a more focused and has a limited approach on creating element for a specific build and client could be another USP
  • I also like the idea of a module extending the new Bricks Interactions with an VUE like event system and maybe offering VUE or Petite VUE with an GUI approach to Bricks users. I think that could be interesting. Not just using VUE in the builder, but as an advanced interactions’ extension (replacing the annoying jQuery stuff people use for interactions) and opening the world of reactive content to Webdesigner type people.

I think for me the danger of committing to a single builder will always raise conflict. Bricks builder has its objective and Bricks forge has theirs.

My fear is that all the work that you are doing will be replicated by Bricks at some point.

An option is not to be tied to a single builder but used on different platforms over time.

Would you consider this as an option so that we can use this product Bricks Forge on different builders but starting with Bricks.

What are your thoughts on my suggestion?

If you feel that it has to remain a solely bricks product that ok too.


First of all, Bricksforge’s interactions can trigger GSAP timelines. I don’t believe this is what the new Bricks interactions can do. Yes they can add and remove classes. Daniele could you chime in on this? Can the new Bricks interactions trigger Brickforge’s GSAP animations and timeline interaction?

You should make Brickforge’s interactions work with the new Bricks interactions and popups. So when a popup is triggered it will generate Bricksforge Gsap animations. Why should it be either or add the new interactions into Bricksforge interactions.

Two keep Focusing on animation using GSAP make it the premiere GSAP animation tool. Also consider being able to control other libraies like Alpine.js and
Three.js using your Bricksforge GUI. Eventually make it builder agnostic/ stand alone like A great feature would be to be able to design banners in Bricks and Bricksforge based on standard banner measurements and having an export feature that exports stand alone HTML GSAP banners. This feature would be a huge money making feature for animator who up to now had to hand code their marketing GSAP banners.

Even though I am an Oxygen user now going to Bricks, I am really jealous of Oxygen’s new ability to “unwrap” it’s code block. Many times in Oxygen I wanted to use a code block to open a php <?php … tag, code an if statement then break out of the code block place an oxygen element then open another code block close the php tag and write a php else… I couldn’t do that in Oxygen before I would love this feature in Bricksforge.

Good idea! One thing that speaks for keeping events is that BricksForge can be creative in that sector and define UI. On the other hand, I haven’t looked at the code yet, but as I suspect what Thomas (developer or Bricks) made the interactions extendable and if sufficient it were one less thing to learn if BricksForge added its events there. @Daniele have you looked at that aspect yet? I also like the idea of events becoming something like an Alpine or Petite Vue panel as it would make it a USP again.

Agreed, it’s one of the things I really like about BricksForge as well, that it considers everything a module and one can enable functional chunks of it. Further, integrations like you mentioned are a powerful thing. Although, each module adds a maintenance vector. I guess keeping it raw and one-to-one, meaning interface option in direct line with a new API can make things less difficult, as API consistence is a thing devs try to keep backwards compatible (most of the time). Fancy workaround or patches on the other hand to bridge something will certainly be a nightmare to maintain.

BTW isn’t that what conditions are for? I like the thought, but it feels a little like Basic programming language back in the days, and/or the risk that it could end up in spaghetti templates. But this might be a discussion for another thread.

Hi everybody!
I’m answering without read any answer to not be influenced by other opinions. I’m sorry if I say something that it’s being said before.

My point of view: All the thing that can be holded by bricks core will be holded only by bricks. I don’t like the idea to have the same functionalities overwritten the core theme.

Than means that pop ups and interactions have “no sense” now that bricks core have this functionalities. And will happen the same with menu builder in not so much. I don’t know if it’s posible to can take out this functionalities without breaking any site.

VoliĂ  my 5 cens

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Currently, the Bricksforge actions tab seems to have more functionality than the native implementation, especially with regards to javascript functions.
I think this will remain so, to keep the core builder accessible to a larger audience. For this reason, I’d be interested in it continuing to remain!

I think this is the best answer!

I think bricksforge could be like the webflow interactions engine and the form builder integrations.


I would like to have things that extend BricksBuilder (BB) in a good way but I don’t like the idea of having the same functionalities.
In simple terms, it would be nice to have functionalities that BB would hardly implement but would have a very big utility, I am not a developer just a user who knows something about wordpress and I quickly come up with things like:

  • For me the best utility now would be to add "Bricks Widget Creator (BWC) to BricksForge (BF), I understand that the plugin already exists and it would be somewhat unfair to those who already bought it but creating a “lite” version definitely does not convince me. Maybe somehow have BWC natively inside BF and that it can only be activated with the BWC license. (I don’t know if it would be optimal as this could confuse people and make them think that BF is going to have addons that need to be paid for).
  • I like the topic of animations that can complement many websites (and not be a super detailed animation tool like MotionPage).
  • The idea of having a login with Facebook and/or Google seems interesting to me, at least where I live if there is the option of social login nobody would use the mail registration and the user would not hesitate to register, the mail registration people see it as something uncomfortable and one more password to remember.
  • Extend logical conditions, dynamic data, more advanced query builders.
  • Improve certain things of the BB forms (but not add advanced utilities, for that there are already several plugins and I don’t see it necessary).
  • Maybe have a more advanced search engine with ajax.

These are some ideas that come to my mind quickly and without much thought.
I personally would not like a deeper focus on having a CSS framework in BF. I like the focus to be on improving BB utilities and in some cases having much needed utilities that have nothing to do with BB and not wanting to make BF do a little bit of everything leaving it in limbo.

The sentiment about not wanting redundancy with a tool one owns already is understandable. My guess
Most Bricks user don’t own Motion Page and many get access to GSAP through BricksForge even if they bought the plug-in for another reason/module. Therfore I must say that I freaking love that BricksForge is carrying a banner for GSAP and pushing hard on that front. As an added bonus: BricksForge’s implementation is fulfilling many things in the backlog of Motion page as well (at least currently and aspirational). This will open up such animations to many more people in the Bricks community. That said, yeah it lends itself as a tool to be used in other builders (at least this module). But the developer has to start somewhere and can not do it all at once … and is seemingly pretty deep into Bricks. In theory the panel approach was a smart move because one probably could port the thing to other builders and integrate it also as a panel. But I rather see this thing mature in one space before there are to many sources for debugging the developers Daniele has to attend … given that it is anyways already a multi module/extension project. About the Widget creator, I also payed for that and wouldn’t mind it being part of BricksForge in some form. Only thing it would cut into his existing product and maybe not everyone sees that in such a generous manner. “Lite” was referring to “not as powerful, complex and generic”. The current offering sold by Daniele alllows to run when installed, exporting elements to be independent and installed into the theme folder and even can produce standalone plugin versions. Meaning, with the current widget builder you can actually run your own Bricks widget/elements business. “Lite” was the suggestion to Daniele to integrate something that allows to create and run custom elements but dependent on BricksForge being installed and maybe not as involved and feature rich GUI wise. Hence, not handing over a factory and canabilizing the USP of his existing Bricks Widget Builder offering while still making BricksForge more valuable with the possibility of occasional element building.