Bricks forge is not Working! HELP!

Bricksforge is not working at all on my site. I have installed ACSS and Frames. I am on Siteground.

What exactly is not working? :slight_smile: Feel free to send us a support ticket. We will take care of it.

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It is an honor speaking with you.
We thought we made a ticket. BricksForge loads and we made a coming soon page and we activated the maintenance page but it doesn’t work. The BF panel does not open either by clicking on the icon or by pressing CTR + P. The Terminal opens but will not create a div, for example when I press enter. I tried to hide the Pro Form, but it hides in the builder but not in in the front end, where it shows. We are on SiteGround. To be clear we would not be using Bricks without BricksForge it is spectacular, but it is not working right on this install. We are using ACSS and Frames. Is there a conflict?
I am sure it is something I did wrong on creation of the WP site with Siteground I chose to instal all their recommended plugins. I disabled them but still BF is not working.

Thank you very much for the detailed response! Since a lot of things don’t seem to work, I assume a basic problem with the server configuration. There are no conflicts with ACSS and frames - at least none that I know of.

Would it be possible to send me login details as DM? I would like to have a look at that :slight_smile:

Wow! Fantastic! What do you need to come in? How do I DM? Do I email you? If so what email.

Feel free to write me here: :slight_smile:

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Dear Daniele, I was looking at Bricksforge and it looks like I didn’t enter in my acount registration number. I forgot my BF account password and I am now blocked from signing in since I signed in too many times. Could you please reset the block so I could log in and get my registration number?
Thank you!

By the wayI did registger the plugin origianlly so I don’t know why my registration was blanck, but right now when I click registration the plugin just spins its loading icon. Please let me log back in to my account your SEO plugin has blocked me!