Bricks template for Login Page

Allow the users work with login page without plug-ins.
It was great if we can change the url wp-login.php to another custom url.

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The login possibility already exists with the bricks form, but is very limited. It would certainly be great to integrate password reset here as well. Also the ability to define the error messages.

Yes, shure. But I have no idea if we can change the same wp-login.php template.
We can create another with the widgets. I think is not the same idea for main wordpress login.

Ok now I know what you mean. It’s certainly an idea, but I don’t know if that should be the job of Bricks extension.

You can change the current login via an overwrite in the child theme with CSS:

function login_stylesheet() {
    wp_enqueue_style( 'custom-login', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/css/login.css' );
add_action( 'login_enqueue_scripts', 'login_stylesheet' );

If you don’t want to change the login via overwrite, you can also use the Bricks form and then redirect to the dashboard. wp-login.php with .htaccess redirect to the Brickslogin page just as an idea…

Let’s see…

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it’s a good a idea, I understand, it’s easy also to do a custom css, change the logo. etc. Bricksforge are doing a great builder customizer, I liked the idea to create templates for login like I create a Maintenance Page.

About the login url change. My suggestion for this is because security issues. wp-login.php is followed for robots,attack access. these changes help a little with this. If just change the .htaccess we’ll keep the issue.

But is just my idea!

Yes, I agree with you there. The security is not guaranteed with it. For this I also need another plugin to block the wp-login.php for example.

0.9.5 :slight_smile:


it’s perfect @Daniele !

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@Daniele I’ve started using this feature, I’m happy with it. I have just some ideas to improve.

Before this feature, we have the Maintenance page.
we need to select the customized page. Okay.

So, in my work routine, when I create pages inside wordpress I need think about the SEO and sitemap.xml, for pages I always change to nofollow for Maintenance Page. because it is only for sometimes. I don’t need it on sitemaps.

Now we have a Dashboard page using custom page or template pages.

My question is, we can use templates for Maintnance like Dashboard page?

Also, using templates, don’t want header and footer. but default this sections are working on dashboard or custom page for maintenance. Maybe it can easily removed. If we are working o maintenance page, we’ll don’t need header and footer.

What do you think about ?

thank you!