Bricksforge 0.9.9

Bricksforge 0.9.9 has been released! :slight_smile:


:tada: :tada: :tada:


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I can’t seem the find the download for BricksForge 0.9.9
I only see 0.9.5 when logged in on my account

Can you try to clear your browser cache?

Hi Daniele, still not showing up, I also tried logging in using a incognito session.

This is what I see is the latest version which is the first download on your screenshot. This announcement was for version 0.9.9 that was released back on July 11. Daniele has released 5 updates since then, so you’ve likely had access to it this whole time and just misread the version number thinking it was version which doesn’t exist yet.

omg i’m an idiot LOL, you’re totally right I misread and thought it was

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