BricksForge Animation Panel: Custom Ease Editor

CleanShot 2022-11-17 at 00.03.11

It would be spectacular to support custom ease with a small editor.

Simpler interface example

This is a constrained implementation of a Bézier editor that makes sense.
The one on the Greensocks Page allows to construct invalid curves (red) that get interpolated to a working value. I’d say just avoid such complex curves and use the simpler Bézier editor, although a complex editor does allow for some neat curves.


@MaxZieb Do you know more about this in the bricksforge panel? I just see a bunch of predefined animations but I can not add my own ones? I mean on the website of gsap you can do your own animations for ease. would be nice to add it somewhere… and if this would offer a generator like you mentioned, it would be crazy cool! :slight_smile: