Bricksforge changes Subtotals in woocommerce

When i have bricksforge acivated, it will change the price at the subtotals of woocommerce in the cart and checkout page to the value without taxes (netto prices in germany). The normal behaviour is showing the prices with tax included (brutto prices in germany). As soon as i deactivate bricksforge the price is back to normal.

Hmm… can you send me access to the site where this happens? Thank you! :blush:

I am sorry, but it is a development site on my local mac.
But when you install wordpress, bricks, bricksforge and woocommerce with 1 sample product, it will become clear.

Just tried it. I cannot reproduce it :frowning: The subtotals are showing correctly for me considering the related tax value. Hmm…someone else with the same problem?

I will bring the development site online in a few weeks, i think. I will then send you the login credentials.

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Now i have it online available.
Please send me your emailaddress for providing login credentials to you.

Thanks! :raising_hand_man:t2:

Thanks very much @andreask! I was able to find the cause and fixed it for your installation. Will add the fix to the next release which comes this week I guess :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thx Daniele.

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