Bricksforge Element Creator?

What do you think? Should Bricksforge have an Element Creator included? If yes, what should be the focus? To be realistic, it can’t be a second Bricks Widget Creator. It has to be extremely limited and reduced. Just wanted to create this topic to listen to your opinion about this. To be honest, I’m still unsure :blush:



Generally I’m happy with the way things are, and already own a copy of WP-Monkey, so this is just icing.

Something like a ‘component collector’ might be pretty cool though…

Say I have a card style that I like, consisting of a div, an image, a heading, basic text and a button. Currently I can save it as a global element, but have to style each component separately.

It would be quite cool to be able to create a single ‘Card’ element that saves (user selectable) stylings of each component, so when I add my new ‘Card’ element, I have a very simple panel that allows me to change, for example, headline/text/button colour/font/content, and, say, image border-radius/content.

A Ui similar to the slider element would probably work well… Each sub-component’s options could be contained within a slide-tab.

I’d probably find use in something like this once a design had been completed, or for passing off to clients who I wanted to give limited access to, although I can see the reluctance to introduce something like this.

On a side note, as a WP-Monkey user, I’d be okay with lots of functionality moving to BF.
Platforms grow, software eats software… I’m excited to see BF grow, and if a widget creator increases your resources here, then I’m all for it.

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  • I would say yes, but it should be dependent on BrickForge being installed.
  • It should incorporate all the learnings from Widget Creator, but reduce the entire interface to much, much less options. Maybe only inputs (checkbox, dropdown, color etc.) and a template to render them … done. Mainly focusing on transferring code pen style widgets and not full on PHP.
  • It would allow many things that way already… and be the perfect spot for an upsell to people that need more.

Here is a sketched idea (only brainstorming here):

Based on the classic Code Pen Layout…

  • The interface for fields would either be behind a ranch icon or if you scroll down on the left. I like the idea of having it behind some icon, as dynamic fields are optional in a simple widget builder
  • In either field (HTML, CSS) one can use variables like in Bricks {myfield}… limited PHP support could follow the Bricks approach and require the user write the PHP somewhere else (not in this product) and use it like in bricks {echo:myfunction()}
  • Make it like Code Pen, making it easy to transfer ideas. Keep it simple! (Perhaps stretch header like in Code Pen Editor).
  • White diver can be dragged, maybe grey ones too…

II’ll stop right here, as I voiced my opinion in another thread.

What do others think?

PS: I really like the idea in general as it makes BricksForge a true Forge :wink:


I’ll do my opinion about this, maybe is an utopia :sunglasses:

I don’t like the widget creator as plugin or dependence inside the wordpress. It’s a different plug-ins. I’ve tried the WpMonkey and I like the constructor there in the online version.

Actually wp monkey export the widget and you can upload your code/plugin.
So it’s is good. I just don’t like to see my Plug-ins list increasing with all my custom widgets.

Anyway, I’ve thinked the bricksforge can be a bridge between the widgets created ( as upload or API key integration) to avoid upload new plug-ins. So, when I connect my Monkey account, I can enable my widgets projects.

Maybe I’ve thinked totally out of the box. But is a way to connect and allow our custom widgets in the same BF panel.

It is difficult because it would be a good added tool but it is true, if the widget creator plugin already exists, maybe it should not be implemented.

Being a bit daring I could say that the widget creator should be added to Bricks and the plugin should become a Widget Creator for several builders and not leaving it only for bricks.

But of course, this is just something that comes to my mind, I don’t know about development and much less about selling plugins haha.

I think I like this idea… if I understand correctly, being able to import/access our WP-Monkey element into Bricksforge as an alternative to having to load a separate Bricks Widget Creator plugin or download a plugin from the Web App.

That way, Daniele is not rewriting code / recreating a product that already exists in WP Monkey, but instead is tying it in.

On the other hand, I wish we didn’t have to recreate the Nestable Elements DOM structure inside Bricks Widget Creator.

I don’t have a lot of experience with it, but my workflow has been: create what I want in Bricks, then recreate that DOM structure in Bricks Widget Creator, and then copy/paste the styles into Bricks Widget Creator (pasting styles is nice!) But recreating the DOM structure with the Nestable Elements feels kind of redundant, like a step that I’ve already done in Bricks. (I hope this makes sense!)


Yeah, I see that the last few posts are considering the to connected to the full Widget Builder. For me, it’s still more about a playful approach, leveraging all the code pen examples and sprinkling in some controls (optionally). I mean, we have the full Widget Creator for people earnest about building widgets and making a business out of that. For me, it should be something very approachable without much setup and too much complexity, still giving you great freedom and again teaching a bit of fundamental development skill while you are at it (HTML, JS and CSS) are awesome to grasp and play around with.

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Now we need it… as I would rather not install Plugins from different vendors to extend Bricks :wink:

I personally don’t think much of compromise solutions like a simplified version. either the full element creator or none at all.

The full thing is rather complex and a step up, also you can buy it right now. I’d think it wouldn’t be very inclusive. You don’t just want to address developer types. Have you used “the full thing” … not as easy to grasp in one go. Have you tried element creator by Pionet? It is a bit clunky, but easier. Not as easy as code pen though.

I didn’t write my comment in terms of development. I already know that this is not drag and drop implementable. But as a (new) user you feel somehow betrayed if you have to buy a plugin which is dependent on another plugin/app. And compared to the competition it is not really advantageous.

I am already WP Widget Creater user and completely satisfied. Pionet tools are not an alternative for me.

Ah okay, that is kind off my point all along! Either, way and even if I am misunderstood you this is the place to voice our opinions about a possible inclusion of such a tool in BricksForge.

For me, this discussion is about enabling something similar to the full package we both own, but for BricksForge users, without being too complicated and cannibalizing the existing product. Also, the full Widget Creatror plug-in enables you to run a business based on elements or Bricks Child themes you create and resell. Hence, is aimed at developer-types and has many pretty advanced features. For that too I’d wish that the full Widget Creator Plug-in would even double down on that an implements direct plug-in rendering and download. In contrast, for me, the whole BricksForge concept is rather about helping you in your website build and for web designer/developers on a running project. This way, an element builder should be something to augment your current build with some client-specific elements, and not so much a place to create full-blown generic elements.

Just writing to clarify it and not to undermine your opinion. Eventually, we will just have to wait what @Daniele decides on and if or how he will act on this topic. Much appreciated discussion!


Very great feedback so far :slight_smile: Here some thoughts from the developer view:

  1. The Bricks Widget Creator was a LOT of work. Unfortunately, a different JavaScript framework was used for this. The widget creator was developed with Angular. Bricksforge with Vue 3, so a transfer to Bricksforge is not so easy. So I would redevelop the Bricksforge Element Creator. So to redevelop the full feature set would cost a lot of development time (months), which might be lost on other features that are more relevant, for the reason that Bricks Widget Creator already exists. That’s why I don’t want to decide this on my own. This concerns you guys as well.

  2. The vendor perspective: This is another view that is not unique to me. The more income is generated, the more I can continue to work on the products. If we integrate Bricks Widget Creator with Bricksforge, who will still buy Bricks Widget Creator? If fully integrated, I see a risk that WP Monkey will collapse. I would also like to avoid that and we should take that into consideration when making such a decision.

Currently, I’m leaning towards a simplified form of Widget Creator to create project-based elements as you need. But I’m excited to keep listening to this conversation :slight_smile:

What do you guys have to say about the points I mentioned?


Yes yes yes. That would be a great addition to the functionality.


I would suggest a simple version would be a good idea. It would help with simple widgets, and maybe you could make an upsell to WP Monkey if somebody needs more.

I would be happy to use a simple version first.

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Yes, definitely don’t want you to do anything that competes with your WP Monkey product!

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I can absolutely understand your thoughts and would at least wish (as @bsteele has already suggested) to be able to easily import the elements created in WP Monkey without having to install the WP Monkey plugin.

Your comments, Max, are always helpful for me.

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I am not a developer in any sense and can appreciate how much time and effort you have made with the Bricks Widget Creator. I agree with you, who would buy your product?

If you create a simplified version, would it slow down Bricks?

I would love the idea of being able to learn how to create widgets and then buy the full Bricks Widget Creator as one develops those skills. I hope this makes sense, Danielle.

Would it be something we, (ie those who have bought Bricksforge), would have to pay extra?