Bricksforge Elements Clashing with Oxyprops (BricksProps) Light/Dark Switch

Light/Dark Mode is conflicting with Bricksforge’s Pro Forms and Popup Trigger Elements.

When either of the above elements are activated the Light/Dark switch doesn’t work.

Using version Bricksforge.

Using version 1.6.1 of BricksProps.

I have reported this to Oxyprops also.

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Hey @WebVA, what exactly does not work? Are there some JS errors in the console? :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this issue.

Hi @Daniele, apologies, I’ve been a little busy, will check further and update asap.

Fixed in the next version :slight_smile:

Thank’s Daniele, I appreciate all the work you put in to making Bricksforge awesome :slight_smile:

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