Bricksforge options page is frustrating


There is something simple that is frustrating me.

When you open Bricksforge options page (not the Bricksforge panel) it’s dimming the admin bar and the left sidebar. It’s also putting the left sidebar only with icons. Because of that my first impression was that I was opening this options page like a popup, and I was searching the “x” to close the window.
Then I realize that the admin and left bar was lighting up with mouseover and I understood that I could click to go to another part of my Wordpress. Even that was being frustrating because I only had the icons and I’m use to read, then I found myself clicking in the admin Wordpress and then going where I wanted.

I think that can be 3 different approach to take out this frustration.

Option 1: Don’t dim the admin bar and the left sidebar AND not force the sidebar to colapse.
Option 2: Make it a real popup and add a close element in top-right corner
Option 3: Go full with changing the Wordpress backend and not left admin bar neither left sidebar and add a button to go back to the Wordpress backend.

Personally I really prefer option 1, because it’s keeping Wordpress more consistent (something that personally it’s having more and more value).

Someone else had this frustration?

What do you thick about?

By the way, when you are in the general options you can scroll but there is nothing to scroll.

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Yes, I have the same issue, when I open the bricksforge in the admin area, popup coming up، but there is no any close button. So, I have to mose over one of the admin panel bar and choose something to be able to go out of this pop up.
This UI should definitely be changed, at least we should have a close button at the top.

Hi guys :blush: The UI is not a popup. It is a page itself. But to keep the design clean, we dimmed the WP navigation.

But I have no problem to create an optional toggle with which you can deactivate this behavior. Then the navigation would not be dimmed and collapsed.

Would this be fine for you? :blush:

Honestly, I like the way how Bricksforge did. It makes me focus on Bricksforge stuff easier. Less confusion by the WordPress stuff.

It’s also good to have a toggle for users to choose if they want to have the current mode as default or toggle to undimmed the WordPress panel.


I don’t have the issue with the style, the issue is we can’t close it unless we open something on the left admin bar and this is annoying. It should have a close button at the top which is missing.
I see Daniele says it’s not a pop up, so it’s nice that the UI doesn’t cover almost the whole page. Let me take a picture to show you…
I’m not sure if you have the same UI, but for me when I open the bricksforge, I just have icons at the left. I think it doesn’t need to take almost the whole area of the admin, it shouldn’t take the left admin panel at all.

@Nima Yes! I have the same UI. I can say it’s a personal reference. I’m okay with it. As I said, I can be even more focused on BricksForge stuff.

Anyway, I also said that it’s good to have a toggle to switch to a mode you guys prefer, as Daniele suggested. :smiling_face:


Yes, it’s not a big deal, but I personally prefer to cover just the body and doesn’t take any from the admin panel.
But it would be nice to have toggle to choose the behaviour :+1::+1::+1:

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I like the style, but prefer the menu to remain icon+text.
If a toggle is added, can it either default to full menu or remember our choice?

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Thanks for your feedback guys!

For the next version there will be added an option for this. When checked, the UI will look like that:

When activating or deactivating it, of course it will be saved. So you don’t have to set it again and again :slight_smile:


Wow, that was fast.

I discovered that was not a pop up, but I was giving you the “first-time-experience”.

For me will be nice to have this option. I think that the main option have to be the one that you share now and have one “focus mode toggle” to see it in the other way.

This is only my way to see it.

There is the weird behavior, too. There is a scroll in the general options and in other tabs when is not needing.

I was playing a little bit. I think that you could take out the min-height in .brf-options class or at least do something like;

.brf-options {
min-height: calc(100vh - 97px);

Like that the plugin will looks even more consistent.

Thank you for your work!

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I like how it looks, too, but the first experience was frustrating and there is allways this fight between ux and ui

Happy (and not surpised) to see you arround !

Yes. The new version should be the default option, as many people do not prefer the existing version. Do it base on users’ demand.

Me too. Haha!

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I agree with @jornes , I like the way it currently works and appreciate the extra room that collapsing the sidebar provides.


It makes me more focused when I want to do something in the Bricksforge setting.

Woocommerce has a new dashboard:

I guess such a design would be good for Bricksforge as well.