BricksForge Panel: Flexible events and actions

Given that BricksForge has a modular extension system, it would be logical to have the extensions expose events and actions (maybe using the hooks and filters features to allow third parties to register events as well). For the built-in extensions for example some extension events could be:


① Popups

  • Popup opened
  • Popup closed
  • Exit intent
    hence events found in pop up builders

② Animation

  • Animation started
  • Animation ended
  • Animation Progress


① Popups

  • Open Popup
  • Close Popup

② Animation

  • Start Animation
  • Pause Animation
  • Reset Animation

The new events ③ and actions ④ would be added to the panel. Potentially grouped by origin. The built-in (current) events and actions could be something like Page Interactions (tbd.). There is also some potential there as in:

Intersection Observer events

  • Selector In View
  • Selector Out of View

Mutation Observer events

  • This could be a mighty set of events if given a good interface (tbd)

Resize Observer events

These depend on IntersectionObserver (older Safari versions need an polyfill for IntersectionObserver). These event offer container query style actions base on JavaScript.

Miscellaneous low-hanging actions/actions:

  • ScrollTo
  • ScrollTo (smooth)
  • openURL
  • Native Browser Events (focusin/out… and so on)