Bricksforge Remote Templates / Attach to Bricks Template exports

TL;DR: Could you make it so that when I save a Bricks template, I can also attach timelines/events to it?

Background: I have a template URL set up, and I add to it when I can, for my own private use with clients.
I’ve created a repository of animation templates, which use Bricksforge timelines and events.
I’ve added this URL as a remote template URL on my blueprint site, and have access to all my templates, however I still need to visit the template site, find the template in question, open the Bricksforge panel, identify + export the relevant timelines/events, and then import them on the target site.

Request: could you find a way to hook onto Bricks’ native template functions, and attach the relevant Bricksforge items? This would mean I have 1-click imports of animated elements.


Or even better; It would be great if we could get a ‘remote templates’ kind of functionality, similar to Bricks templates.

Perhaps this could extend the BricksMotion functionality?

Then, I could create a bunch of utility animations and just hook into them without having to go to my template site, find them, download them, and then reupload them in the target site.