Bricksforge Scope

Looking at the breadth of requests on your roadmap gives me sweaty palms!

Aside from the Bricks roadmap, I don’t think I’ve ever seen requests span so many topics.
From templates to elements, animations to developer tools.
I think this is due to Bricksforge covering so many bases at launch.

Are there any directions you specifically don’t plan on Bricksforge going?


I like your question! Thank you! :slight_smile:

You are right. Bricksforge is a plugin that covers different areas and use cases from the beginning . The roadmap will definitely take shape soon. Everyone can post their ideas there. You have to take into account that the irrelevant suggestions will surely go down. Besides, we won’t implement anything that doesn’t fit our vision.

What we definitely don’t want to be is just a plugin that offers as many elements as possible. There are enough other good plugins for that. Also, we don’t plan to be a manufacture of design templates. That doesn’t fit to Bricksforge. The goal is rather to give you the flexibility to be creative yourself.

Basically, we always want to follow the Bricks Core and give you the features you miss in Bricks. Not everything can and should be included in the Core. The gap for this should be closed by Bricksforge. That’s the plan and that’s what we thought when we decided to start the development.

Take care! :slight_smile: