Bricksforge vs Motion.Page

I would like to know if with bricksforge I can have the same functions as, I would like to use only bricksforge

Disclaimer: I’ve only used twice when I didn’t have bricksforge yet. While I did try to push its limits and spend quite some time with it, I probably don’t know everything it can do and what they’ve added in any recent updates (haven’t used it in about 8 months). Also I really freaking enjoy bricksforge so I’m definitely biased haha.

TLDR: 99% sure it does. Anything it doesn’t do (if at all) but would be of value to users, just needs to brought to Danieles attention and he’ll have it implemented in the blink of an eye :wink:

Long-ish version:
In my opinion, the only thing that has over bricksforge, is the editing experience. It just feels more like an actual editor and viewport playback (while editing) feels more intuitive and smooth. That is pretty much to be expected though, since that’s the only thing that does, unlike bricksforge which can do about a million things and more :wink:

While I really like mps initial editing experience, I found it a little cumbersome once you have like 10+ timelines plus another few variations for different breakpoints. Also, if there is anything that GSAP can do but mp hasn’t implemented it yet, you’re pretty much stuck. With BF, you can always hook into it with some code to take it further if necessary but frankly I haven’t had the need for that yet.

Next, is that BF of course feels more native to bricks. It’s right there inside the builder, easier to organize and manage. While I felt drawn to mps fancy flashy interface, I ended up preferring the visual simplicity of BF, sometimes less is more.

Last point is community / support. Just quickly went to mps site and it seems like they have improved a lot since I last used it. When I first used though, it was hard to find solutions to some trickier kinda animations. Tutorials were mostly fairly basic and questions that many people kept wanting an answer for, stayed unanswered. Again, this was just my experience and that might not be the case at all anymore. I just feel the community and the devs are more responsive and helpful here.

In conclusion… both tools do a stellar job at animation. Pick the one you feel more comfortable with and feel like you get the results you want easier / faster. Personally I like staying in the “bricks family” of plugins, cause it covers more than I need and everything is tightly integrated. I need bricksforge for other stuff anyway, so no need to add yet another plugin for something that bf can do as well :slight_smile:
Maybe try creating the same animation with both tools and then decide.

Again, just my opinions haha, unless you take both for a spin you probably won’t ever know for sure :wink:

Edit: Just took a closer look at mps page again and they do have the advantage when it comes to tutorials now. We only have bricksmotion which hasn’t been updated in a while. Had to mention it just cause every other point I made is kinda biased. You could however still use their tutorials to know which parameters needs to be set etc.