BUG Pro forms sends both confirmation email and "email" to admin email

BUG Pro forms sends both confirmation email and “email” to admin email, even though the settings are different,
The admin email, which keep getting confirmation email, is: sovljanski04@gmail.com

Are you using the email designer?

Yes and I made 2 templates, one for client (confirmation) and one for admin.

In the Email Designer Template settings, you need to set the recipient for this template. Email designer templates are overwriting the default email object :blush:

I did, but still the form doesn’t send the confirmation template to the client email (email from form), but instead send two admin templates to admin email, even though I specified conditions for both templates :confused:

Can you show me a screenshot of the template setting of your confirmation template?

„Send To“ seems to be empty :wink:

I filled it now, but it doesn’t seem to work still… Should I fill it as the ID of the field like {{brx_207af1}} , or as something else?

I changed it but still doesnt work, even after adding the second email…

Could you check if it works when you disable the email designer from the extensions?

Yes, it works when I turn off the email designer, it sends the texts I added in Pro forms to the right mails…
It must be something with template settings I guess

I solved the problem, it was the [brf_confirmation] which I didnt add to “Email content” part, but in template part…
Thank you for help either way!

Ah great! Yes, this is necessary for the confirmation mail to work :+1::blush: