Bugs & enhancements Pro forms nestable

Some bugs/enhancements :

  1. Next & Previous button, css class not applied (same for submit button)
  2. When I wrap in a block and add grid it doesn’t work, same when I wrap in div (set column = 2)
  3. When we click on next/previous, the view should automatically scroll up
  4. Steps, add an anchor to the link?
  5. When a require field is not filled (and the guy click to submit /next button), should have custom style (like red with error message for that field above) same for file upload when the limit of files are uploaded
  6. File upload label doesn’t appear
  7. Duplicate field, duplicating the id (it shouldn’t)
  8. A select all button for checkbox
  9. If field is “required”, the “asterisk” doesn’t appear (and can be replaced by a text?)

For 2.

In builder mode :
(I can’t upload 2 media, because I’m new user)
In view :

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In builder mode :

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Others things :

  • An idea for the date picker, for the Dates To Enable should be useful to se for example -2years so all dates from 2021 to the actual date are locked (and add the possibility to use dynamic data ?)


  • Add step condition

Question :
Is it possible to catch the way / where the file will be uploaded ? (And custom path) (In custom action)

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I agree. Dynamic dates is a must. Nice example.

Hey :slight_smile: Thanks!

  1. Fixed
  2. Cannot reproduce it. Maybe a caching problem? Because you’re using basic Nestable Bricks Elements, it should behave as always.
  3. I don’t know if this really should be a default setting. For me, such behavior is always annoying on websites. But that’s a subjective opinion. I could add something like that as optional feature maybe :slight_smile:
  4. Do you have an example / use case here?
  5. Currently, there is only the HTML5 validation for required fields. In a future version, I plan to add a more advanced validation system.
  6. Fixed
  7. Fixed
  8. Hmm… let me think about that :slight_smile:
  9. Fixed


    1. was fixed yesterday together
    1. For exemple, I have multi step form and only that one one page, so when I click on next of the form, the second page have less fields, so the user (see the footer for exemple) feel like huh I need to scroll up
  • 4.Not really :smile:

    1. Could be cool, like this user can see more visible way that fields are missing (Is that possible actually with code ?)
    1. it’s a need :stuck_out_tongue:

You haven’t answer about 2 others suggestions here