Can I do timeline GSAP animations in BricksForge

I love Bricksforge and your WebMonkey plugins. I am coming from Oxygen and am torn between Bricksforge which is awesome and If you could do GSAP timeline animations even programmatically I would probably jump on board,

Hi! :slight_smile: You can! :slight_smile: With the animation feature itself the repeater elements on which you define your animations are created as GSAP timeline automatically. Currently this works for Click and Hover events. For the viewport its coming in the next versions.

Also in the next versions you will be able to use GSAP inside the Bricksforge Panel. Then you can use GSAP however you want :slight_smile:

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Wow! Awesome! Will there be a visual timeline that we could adjust for timing purposes?
Can you implement code completion in the Bricksforge panel? What kind of GSAP license comes with Bricksforge? GSAP has extras they charge for. If we purchase these extra libraries will they work with Bricksforge?
I am so impressed with your products and even your website design!


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I had the same idea/question. A visual timeline in not in BricksForge (yet). Just under the hood as it seems. I suggested putting it in the BricksForge panel in some way (either by method or full overview of things happening on the page, what ever makes more sense for BricksForge).

Sidenote: GSAP is certainly a market leader, but TheaterJS (Berlin based) is open source and would offer a timeline module. Don’t think it is happening here, but it certainly is interesting as they have been funded with some millions of Euros. Impressive for an open source project.

Would we have access to any of the Greensock premium plugins via the interface? This would be incredible, but I’m Not sure how that works licence-wise.

Dear MaxZieb and Daniele,
What an awesome UI/UX Artist you are, Max!!! I also took a look at TheaterJS and am overwhelmed by its power!
As to what Daniele wrote, about the Bricksforge panel, will it have GSAP autocomplete and can we add any GSAP additional libraries to it?Is the full
GSAP library included with Bricksforge? Do we have to make payments to GSAP to use it? Or to add more features?
Daniele, By the way you are doing wonderful work!!! And you Website is unique and exciting!

No, we pay the license for you :wink: Hehe. You are free to use the GSAP functionality we provide. With the ability to use GSAP inside the panel, you’ll be able to create timelines, yes. This already includes Pin element functionalities and the selection of an Easy value. Afterwards we will integrate more functionalities, like Stagger, ScrollTrigger in combination with videos, the CSSRule plugin to address pseudo-elements, the Flip plugin to animate states and let’s see what else is suitable :wink: