Can you upload multiple files in Pro Forms?

Sorry to be back with more File Upload issues with Pro Forms, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to upload multiple images using the File Upload field.

If I add a single File Upload field and only upload a single file, that file shows up in my media library (well, actually multiple duplicates of that file, but that’s another post). All good.

But if I choose multiple files using the File Upload field, only the last file in the list is uploaded to the media library.

Furthermore, if I create multiple File Upload fields in the same form (ie. Upload a Photo in Category A, and upload a Photo in Category B) and add a file or files to each field, nothing is uploaded to my media library.

But, if I have two File Upload fields in the form, but only upload a file using on of them (leaving the other unused) the file from the first field will be added to my library.

So the question is: is Pro Forms unable to handle multiple files right now, or am I doing something wrong?

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Currently, the actions for updating meta fields are not supporting multi uploads. But this will change asap :slight_smile:


Thank you! Look forward to the implementation of this.

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Excited to see all the updates to Bricksforge 10.0!

I tried uploading multiple files using Pro Froms in 10.0… happy to report it sort of works, but I’m still seeing an issue with ACF.

Basically, I can now get multiple files to upload to my Media Library and sync with ACF if I use multiple File Upload fields in my form (it still uploads a bunch of duplicates to my Media Library).

However, if I use just a single File Upload field and try to upload multiple files using that field, only the final file in the list uploads to my Media Library.

What’s interesting is I also have an email action set up with my form, and all files end up attached to the email when uploading multiple files using a single field – they just don’t all get uploaded to my Media Library and therefore can’t really be used to successfully create a new post with the images using ACF.

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Yes. You’re right :blush: I’ve fixed the multiple file field issue. But uploading multiple files with one single file field (gallery) is not supported yet for form actions which are saving data to the database. This will follow in a near future version :raising_hand_man:t2:

Hi Daniele,
I saw that version 1.0 was released with an update, “Pro Forms: Multiple Files Fix: Problems with uploading multiple files and ACF / Metabox / Pods have been fixed”, I know that Jetengine was not mentioned, but before updating to 1.0 I was able to send the form with 1 image in the jetengine CPT.
Now if I send 1 or 2 media in the form it doesn’t send it, it just loads, but if I don’t choose media the form is sent normally.
Are these fixes performed for each plugin or is one fix for all?

Grateful for the attention.

Hmm…this was a more general bugfix and should work for JetEngine too. So the form is just not sending? Are you seeing errors in the console?

If you select media it does not send, it has a status of sending, I filled out the form with just the name and uploaded the 2 images, there is an error in the console.
Maybe it’s firefox, I’ll check in another browser and see if it has api disabled.

Strange! Can you send me access today? I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Error in chrome, the site is on localhost, I’m testing the features, what I could do is create a subdomain and try to upload a copy of this installation and give you access.

Wordpress is running with a local laragon server, I don’t know if it can interfere with anything.

Hmm… I’m not the server expert… Is it not working with any type of image? Just to exclude file size limitation issues: could you try to upload very small files?

But yes, a subdomain with a copy would be awesome. I am working on a hotfixed next version until my holidays starts on thursday…if there is a bug, I could implement it :slight_smile:

Form submitted with only 1 44k image.
I will create a subdomain and try to place this site, if it works on the subdomain we will already know that the error in localhost.

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Apologies for the delay,
Instead of using the localhost website I ended up creating one from scratch on a domain.
And to my joy the form sent the 2 media added in the form, but there is a problem, when sending the Post Thumbnail media it is normal, but the media for the Custom Fields is adding 2 more images instead of 1, so 3 are appearing images in WP’s Media folder.
I sent you the links if you want to check it out, it has 2 pages, 1 home with the loop of posts and a page to add posts.
If you want to check it out.

But the form is working perfectly.

Thanks very much! And done! :slight_smile: Could reproduce and fix the issue. Uploaded the already fixed version to your installation :slight_smile: Please try and let me know if that works now for you :slight_smile:

Perfect. :star_struck:

Thank you very much for solving,

Hello Daniele, sorry to return to this message, you fixed the problem that was duplicating media when submitting the form.
After the last update, there was an adjustment to send more than 1 image in the form, the problem came back again, I didn’t post before, because I’m very busy, I’m using jetengine, could this problem be only with jetengine too?
And in tests here the form is not sending .webP files.
Thank you very much for your attention.