Can't upload more than 1 image

Have a CPT and using proform, need to upload several images but actually can only upload one picutre. Setting in Metabox and proform is set to 3 max. Local installation.

Hey :slight_smile: Where the problem appears? Are you not able to select more than one image with the file picker? Or is there an issue with the uploading process?

I can select 3 images, the upload process goes fine but when I go to the CPT, nothing is appearing in the post however in media gallery the images are there.

Which Metabox field type are you using? Is there a “Gallery” field?

can’t see gallery field (can see various image fields but same issue with them), I am using an upload field.

using other type of fields (e.g. image upload) lead to same issue

PHP warnings in log file

[13-Oct-2023 09:23:39 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “category” in /wp-content/plugins/bricksforge/includes/api/FormsHelper.php on line 40
[13-Oct-2023 09:23:39 UTC] PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “term_id” on bool in /wp-content/plugins/bricksforge/includes/api/FormsHelper.php on line 45
[13-Oct-2023 09:23:52 UTC] PHP Warning: Array to string conversion in /wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/fields/media.php on line 140

Any progress?

After running some tests with Metabox, I can reproduce and could fix the issue. Metabox is storing those array related fields in a different way. Will be fixed in the next release :slight_smile: