ChatGPT to build layouts inside of Bricks

HI Daniele,

I saw this on the elementor group Redirecting...

So I thought of you for this with the terminal that you’ve built already. How feasible would something like this be for you to integrate?

Someone in the Bricks group made a post that he’d created a gpt with all of the Bricks documentation. Maybe worth a look at in this regard.

This would be such a huge leap in dev time. I’d give an arm and a leg for something like this lol.

Ex prompt: Create section with a grid of images spanning 6 columns, with the images having the class “some-class”. The class style would be image object fit, contain, with a maximum height of 100px and width auto. On the tablet breakpoint, set the grid to 3 columns, and on mobile to 2 columns.

Dear god, I’d be building a website a day with something like this.

Then you could have a confirmation popup showing all of elements and settings (that are editable by hand). Then you click apply and it would do it all for you.

I submitted a roadmap item for this as well.


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please don’t

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