Content is visible before animation starts

I don’t know if this is a Forge issue or Bricks or just a general concept. I have animations that are 0 opacity with a translate and that’s about it. I typically setup the animations as “From” type. Also these are scroll triggers usually, because I only use page load trigger for hero stuff.

When the page loads, the content is visible for a split second, then disappears, then the animation happens. It’s annoying and when clients see all the content “flash”, they think the page is loading twice or something.
Obviously this is mostly regarding content that is already in the viewport when the page loads. So above the fold stuff or if they happen to already be scrolled down the page and then reload, it happens there too. It’s not really an issue for elements already off screen that scroll in later.

I know there is a setting in the Forge panel that says “Prevent Fouc” but that didn’t do anything when I clicked on it, the issue still happens.

I’ve seen posts in the Bricks forum also about flashing of content when using animations.

What is the trick make this work right?

That’s expected GSAP behavior: Avoiding FOUC | GSAP | Docs & Learning

Bricksforge comes with a “Prevent Fouc” functionality which you can use to remove the flashing :slight_smile: Check here: Bricksforge Panel – Bricksforge Docs