Content with animation not showing on canvas

When you have some GSAP animations, the content with animations often disappear while editing with bricks, it just displays a white section.

If you play a bit with animation timelines it sometimes reappears. On the front-end all works as expected.

Is that normal behavior or a bug? Because it makes editing the page after setting animations quite hard.

I have to open Bricksforge, run the animation to the end, and close it again.
Expected would be that all content would just be showing when the forge is closed?

Well. Interesting points! In general that’s the expected behavior. When working with GSAP trough the panel, the elements of your current selected timeline are getting the animation states. So if your “from” opacity value is 0, it will be 0 until you change the progress of the timeline or you select another timeline. This will reset the state.

But I understand your thoughts! We could solve this by clearing the gsap props of all timeline elements when the panel closes. Will write this down for the next version. Thanks very much!

Glad to hear, funny thing is I just thought I’d disable it for now with the new feature.
But then it’s still at opacity: 0 in the builder (not showing).

Tried to refresh with the animation disabled - but still the same.
So GSAP isn’t loaded in the front-end but always in the backend then?

(Which is funny again since the animations don’t work in the builder)

Also disabled timelines are running in the builder, yes. This is designed to work this way because we might still want to work on our animations, but not show them in the frontend while we are working on them :slight_smile:

Ow, that’s a nice feature indeed!

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