Control Bricksforge breakpoints with bricks

I have no idea if it’s even possible. But normally editting something in a bricks breakpoint means you are only editing that breakpoint and lower.

It would be supercool if you could do this with GSAP as well.
So i.e. I set

  • from opacity:0 on desktop,

but I switch to mobile and enter:
opacity: 0, x:200 - change the delay / stagger-timing etc.

And then the behavior would be just a fade in on desktop, but a fade-in plus translateX on mobile + changed timings. That way you’d have control per breakpoint.

Please teach me if I just don’t know it.
But as far as I know you now have to give a min-width media rule, and create a new animation with a max-width rule. Is that correct?

Again: Don’t know IF it’s possible, just a thought as an end-user :slight_smile: