Core functionalities and more WooCommerce features

Hi there, I’m tempted to purchase my first Bricks add-on (didn’t feel I need any add-on in the past). Few questions before purchasing please;

  1. What’s yor main aim? Extend the core functionalities or creating new elements or features?

  2. Do you have any plan or Idea to extend what we have with WooCommerce functionalities in Bricks? We know that there are much more we would have for Woo sites.

  3. I also don’t see changelog on your website, do you wish to add that as well?

Thanks in advance


Hi Nima!

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: I’m glad to answer to your questions:

  1. This is easy. Bricksforge is not an “Just elements” plugin. There are other good plugins which do exactly this. The main goal of Bricksforge is to extend the Bricks core functionality. Of course, elements will also be there and there will come more, but they are not as intrusive as in the other plugins.

  2. I’m awaiting for more community feedback to decide this. At this point, I’m still not so sure. But if there is enough demand here, why not? So I can’t give a clear answer to that yet. What are you thinking about specifically?

  3. The changelog is ready, but not visible yet :slight_smile: It will be live when the version 0.9.1 gets released :+1:

If you have further questions, feel free to ask in this topic :slight_smile:

Wish you a great day!

I’m tempted to purchase my first Bricks plugin too. In my point I wanna to know how this plugin mantains with Bricks funkcions itself in future. For example popups? Bricks team working on popups and deliver it in near future. Then this plugin will remove popups from itself, keep it, extend functionality or what?

Basically, we plan for our functions to not overlap with Core functions. We all prefer to use what is in the Core. A lot of people have been waiting for the popups and mega menus for so long that we finally included them.

Once Bricks natively includes these areas, we’ll have to see how the features perform. If there are still gaps, they will of course stay in. If the native features are so good that Bricksforge doesn’t need them anymore, it would be a waste of resources to leave them in.

What’s the opinion of the community?


Hi thanks for your great plugin.

I believe the woocommerce part of bricks should be expanded, there are so many good features for woocommerce like quick view, color swatches, dynamic tags, queries (Most sale and etc) also the checkout page (custom fields)

For the second part:
Overlapping features, honestly i like to use bricks features instead of using other plugins. So it doesn’t make sense to waste time on features which will be added soon by bricks (roadmap)

Hi Daniele,
Thanks for responding,

Glad to hear that as we don’t need much more elements or widget and as you mentioned in this case there are already other products available.

As the above mentioned we need to extend the current Woo functionalities as an example.


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