Creating a Cookie Policy popup

Creating a popup template with an absolute position doesn’t render properly when triggered.
Tried to work around this with transform css (90vh down the page) which works better but still not ideal as it requires the user to scroll to the bottom of the page before the popup appears.

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Hi Simon,

by default popups are positioned to fixed and are displaying centered. By activating the “Scrollable” mode, your popup starts on the top. How exactly your popup should look? There are different ways to design a cookie policy banner.

But would be a good idea is to let you choose on which side the popup should be displayed. You could for example define: top, top right, bottom right, bottom and so on…and offset values for these. Doing so, you would have more flexibility where exactly your popup opens. What do you think about it?

Hello Daniele,

Many thanks for your rapid response. I completely misinterpreted the purpose of the scrollable switch so I had ignored this option - but with this now enabled the popup positions perfectly at the foot of the page.
Within the popup options, on the ‘number of executions’ - would it be possible to add an option to this so the popup does not reappear until ‘x’ days have passed since its last occurrence?

Really impressed with your work so thank you so much for this!


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Great that this works for you! :clap:

So you’re meaning something like:

→ The popup triggers for an user once
→ After eg. 5 days, the popup triggers again once
→ After eg. 5 days, the popup triggers again once
→ … and so on.

@Community, what do you think about it?

Exactly that -
In real world use cookie policies often disappear for 30 days after they are first triggered so as not to persistently annoy people.:slight_smile:

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If you take a cookie polcy serious, it has to offer settings (at least one being consent or not) and act on it. Meaning, if you decline consent, you would need to redirect somebody away from your page (worst case) or act on the declination of an option (like blocking the script/tracking the user objected too). Also, the use should be able to revise such a decision… just trying to make the point: a cookie consent is actually a complex little app and not just a popup.

well in the popup you can give the buttons agree or disagree with agree closing it and disagree navigating them away. its users’ responsibility to act on what message you have given, and not on you to hand hold them.