DConditionally Checked Checkboxes Not Working on Page Load

I am retrieving posts from a custom post type to populate the options for my checkbox field using a query loop. When a user submits the checkbox selections, the selected values get stored in a text field in their user profile. I have enabled the “conditionally checked” setting for this checkbox field and set its value to reference the text field where those selections are saved. However, the checkboxes remain unchecked on page load, despite the saved values existing in that text field.

As you can see in the provided screenshot, I added a separate text field above the checkbox field solely to display its stored contents. This verifies that the submissions are in fact being saved properly. Yet for some reason, those persistent values are not conditionally checking their respective checkboxes.

So in summary - the checkbox field submissions get stored as expected, but the “conditionally checked” setting does not seem to be working to check those boxes on page reload. What might I be missing for that conditional check process to occur correctly? Any tips on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated!


Update, the conditionally checked option works if the is only one data, if there is multiple e.g 1206, 1204 then it doesn’t work:

Hey :slight_smile: Thanks very much!

In general, this is more a feature request as a bug, but a good one!

“Checkbox Value Is” cannot work here, because “Education” is not “Mentorship, Education, Organizing, Welfare”. The result will be false.

I will add here an additional condition type “Checkbox Value Contains”, which will consider comma separated values :slight_smile:

Will move this thread to Feature Requests though :slight_smile:


Thank you for the consideration