Does Bricksforge Animator come with Club Greensock Extensions

Really enjoy this course on Greensock Hoping to get my head around GSAP so I can be an ace with Brickforge and GSAP. Does the Bricksforge Animator come with Club Greensock Extensions? If not and i buy them can I use Bricksforge with them?

I just emailed in to customer support to ask the same; if and when I hear back from them, I will post a reply here :slight_smile:

Bricksforge includes only the necessary GSAP extensions required for its associated functionality. To utilize an extension, you must activate the corresponding Bricksforge extension associated with it. Gsap files cannot be used isolated out of the box. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Hi Daniele,
Thanks for following up! :slight_smile:

Are you able to expand a little upon this? If you look at, it mentions extensions / plugins for some additional functionality such as text scrambling. How would we go about installing these to work with BricksForge? Are they included in BricksForge or do we need to set up a subscription separate on

If you want to use the Greensock Plugins without Bricksforge, you’ll need a Greensock license. I’m not allowed to share the plugin files with you. I’m only allowed to use the plugins to build a product which is using the plugins :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for confirming; are there any particular steps we need to use to make the plugins compatible with BricksForge or just install and use as normal?

Just enqueue your custom scripts in the clean wordpress way using wp_enqueue_scripts() (wp_enqueue_script() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources) and you’re fine :wink:

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