Does Bricksforge rely on the in-built Bricks forms?

I have a use case where I need to upload wav, aiff, mp3 files and apparently this is something that Bricks never tested. It is completely broken in Bricks default file upload form field.

So, if I get Bricksforge, will this still be the case, or do you expand upon the Bricks form fields, replace them, or just use the exist ones? In other words, if Bricks is broken, will me getting Bricksforge be a workaround or just continue to be broken?

Unofficial response here, but I believe I’ve seen somewhere in the changelog that BricksForge has broken away from Bricks Builder’s form builder completely.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Just here to confirm that @GrowPlugins is right :slight_smile:

Thanks. But a week with no “official” response doesn’t give me the best impression of the kind of support I can expect going forward. I may just keep looking.