E-mail designer: canvas background color in HEXA doesn't work in Outlook

As per title. When I change the background color of the whole canvas to something like #000000 it gets saved and displayed as #000000FF. This is fine but when I open this e-mail in Outlook the background color is missing. By changing the code of an e-mail so that all #000000FF are replaced with #000000 it gets displayed.

After seeing this I wanted to simply set it to #000000 but it isn’t possible as all color formats on the color selection modal are the ones that include transparency (HEXA, RGBA and so on).

Hey @Matiasko,

I can confirm that this was a bug. We render every color before creating the HTML output to a format which is readable by email clients. For the canvas background-color, we forgot this step! The next version which will be deployed end of the week will include this bugfix. :slight_smile:

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