E-Mail-Designer: Extend to Woocommerce

Please extend the functionality for Woocommerce. It would really be a game changer if you could also style these mails with the E-Mail-Designer.


agreed. has been mentioned to @Daniele already.

Already working on it :slight_smile: Here a few words from a current facebook post:

Just playing with WooCommerce emails designed with the Bricksforge Email Designer. What you can see here is the equivalent of the “All Emails” condition, but specifically for WooCommerce emails. Here you can build a wrapper around the actual WooCommerce email content and style the content itself. In the next step, you will also get the possibility to build your emails freely and concretely by using appropriate variables and widgets. I hope these new features will help you WooCommerce users! :slight_smile:


+1. Game changer!

Hello Daniele,

How is this going?


Original Text posted on Facebook and Discord last week:

The WooCommerce integration of the Email Designer is getting really powerful! :rocket: Depending on your requirements, you can make it easy by integrating pre-built widgets like “WooCommerce Table” into your design. However, if you desire full control and want to move away from the typical WooCommerce table layout, you can use the numerous template variables to dynamically output the data and create your design. You can even create entire for loops and display corresponding data. This is particularly useful for displaying Order Items for example. In addition to variables that output individual text values, you also have access to variables like “wc_order,” which provides you with the WC_Order::get_data() object. With Twig, you can utilize all the data from this object. This grants you complete flexibility in your design!

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This is looking better and better. Thank you!