E-Mail Designer for WSForm


do you think it is possible to add a bit of code to use the email builder together with wsform?
would be awesome!



Did you try if it already works? :slight_smile: The Email Designer uses the wp_mail filter. So, if WSFORMS is sending emails trough the wordpress wp_mail() function, the email designer should catch the mail. Just try it using the “All Emails” condition :slight_smile:

But: if you have multiple forms made with WSFORMS and you need different email designs for each form, this won’t work. In that case, I would need to add some additional WSFORMS related conditions. :thinking: I personally don’t own the plugin, but let’s see what I can do here.

hi Daniele,
thanks for you fast reply.

I did check it out, and it works so far as i can use it as a template.
The colors did not yet worked. It stays black (#222 ?) somehow.

i will check this out later.

conditions would be nice, so we could have different templates. I think wsform (lite) is free in the wordpress plugin index.

that said, the nestable forms pro widget sounds really nice :slight_smile:

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