Easy way to turn on/off some/all timeline animations

I finally have a moment to play with the Panel, animations, timelines and AI-generated animations.

When I set up animation with timeline that basicly slides conted in the view from outside of it I don’t see this content in the builder. So when I want to edit the content that is “invisible” in it’s initial step I would love to quickly turn this animation off, change the element, and turn the same animation on. But it seems there is no way to do that. The first thing I’ve tried was to click on the green dot next to the timeline’s name, but it does nothing. Even if there is an easy way of turning on/off a single animation, in case I have many animations of this type on the page, I wouldn’t want to go one by one with them.

That’s why I would love an easy way to turn some/all animations on-off to simple go back to standard editing in the builder.

EDIT: After posting I was like “OK, one more option is the right click” and here I’ve found the option to disable/enable a single timeline or the entire folder of timelines. Still it wasn’t the first intuition so maybe there could simply be a switch instead of this context menu? Feel free to disagree with me :slight_smile: