Edit custom post type gallery with pro forms

On my website, I would like users to update and edit ‘posts’ of a custom post type from a front-end form using pro forms.

I have a custom field group set up as a photo gallery, but when I try to set this up as an ‘file’ option in pro forms I can’t get it to show or work correctly.

The value is set as:

with the ‘meta_name’ changed to the name of the custom meta like below.


I have also tried this as all of the following


Is there something I am doing wrong? If so how can I go about doing what I am after?



In HTML, File inputs cannot have initial values for security reasons: javascript - How to set a value to a file input in HTML to a client side disk file system path? - Stack Overflow

That’s technical not possible.

So is there no way for users to edit a gallery of images on the front end?