Elements Disappearing/Not Working Properly After Visiting Another Webpage


When I initially load into my website everything works as it should, but as soon as I visit another webpage on my site certain elements disappear or just stop working properly, such as sliders, gradient titles, etc.

Whenever I disable the BricksForge plugin my website works as it should. Is there a reason why this is happening? I have BF installed on other websites and have not encountered this issue before.

Is there any fix to this or is this an isolated issue?


Have you activated Page Transitions under “Extensions”? If yes, are you using other plugins except of Bricksforge?

Hi Daniele, yes, it is activated and yes it seems to be affecting the Brickscore plugin and the Frames plugin.

I also went to my profile in BricksForge for troubleshooting and the website that I’m currently having problems with is not listed under the activated sites even though when I go to the license tab on my website it says my BricksForge license is active. It also won’t let me deactivate license for this site either. I’m not sure if this is part of the problem or not?

Page Transitions are only compatible with Bricks and Bricksforge. If you are using Frames content like sliders, this won’t work out of the box. In that case, you need to add compatibility yourself. You get more informations about the background in the docs: Page Transitions – Bricksforge Docs

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Ah… thank you, I did not realize this, I will have to dig into this further!

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