Email Checkbox Result in Notifications

Hi Bricksforge Lovers!

I’m using the Nested Checkbox setup to make a form here (Korean language):

And there’s a couple of things I’m looking to do.

  1. Action > Email is set up and the “Email content” is:

ICC 문의가 들어 왔습니다:

이름: {{2086bb}}
이메일 : {{e7e9f9}}
전화번호: {{a31538}}
구글 광고 상위노출: {{hkjibp[]}}
구글 오가닉 상위노출: {{veaofa[]}}
구글 지도 상위노출: {{dynvvr[]}}
구글 상위노출 위한 홈페이지 제작: {{kifuvq[]}}
메시지: {{3b4894}}

And for the value I put in the same thing as the label - and it’s showing up in the Submissions! But when the email comes in, there’s no value for the checkbox that has been checked. So it’s all just empty entries for the Checkboxes like so the checkbox entries just come in empty like so:

구글 광고 상위노출:
구글 오가닉 상위노출:
구글 지도 상위노출:
구글 상위노출 위한 홈페이지 제작:

How do I send the checkbox element checked results in the Email?

Then a few more:

  1. On the “Submit” button element I put a “margin: auto;” on the left side and it moves to the far right on the back end but not on the front end. Any ideas on how to fix that?

  2. There’s plenty of space between the checkboxes and the text on the backend but the checkboxes almost bump into the text on the front end. How do I fix that?

  3. The Label in the Checkbox Wrapper doesn’t change when I edit the “Typography” - the Checkbox child elements the wrapper do. How do I make the Label text the same size as the Checkbox option elements?

Lots of stuff there. Thank you all!

Too many items in 1 ticket? Or maybe a work in progress for the next update perhaps?

You haven’t raised a ticket, just asked a How to? So probably won’t get the same attention.

But Yes always 1 item per ticket.

True, @alanj , my terminology is off. It’s just a “How to” rather than a ticket.

I just thought maybe items 2 - 4 were something simple I was missing that could maybe be explained quickly.

It’s really item #1 that’s my priority. Hope I can get an answer to that one at some point. This seems like it should work the way I set it up.

Bump ~

Any chance I can get a little guidance here @Daniele ? Thanks!

Hey! :slight_smile: Could you remove the [] brackets in your email content and try again? It was a bug in an earlier version for the automatic email content population functionality :slight_smile: Without the brackets, it should work.

Hi Danele,

I got rid of the brackets and now have the following:

ICC 문의가 들어 왔습니다:

이름: {{2086bb}}
이메일 : {{e7e9f9}}
전화번호: {{a31538}}
서비스: {{hkjibp}} {{veaofa}} {{dynvvr}} {{kifuvq}}
메시지: {{3b4894}}

빨리 답장 보내 주세요.

I put in values for each item (same as the labels).

But I’m still not getting anything when I test.

Results come back like so:

이름: Stephen
이메일 :
전화번호: 123456
메시지: blah blah blah

빨리 답장 보내 주세요.

Could I be missing anything else?