Email Designer Blocks Blank

Not sure what may be causing the buttons to show up as rectangles at the bottom. Also on clean local install.

Strange, the widgets normally also have icons :slight_smile: Do you see any javascript errors in the console?

Saw the errors in the console. Ran it again and everything came back to normal. It’s weird. Fixed now…Thanks for responding @Daniele

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Crazy, i had also the same problem (and also the cropped emailadressname). The icons a also back now.

It’s again there. The cropped E-Mailaddress. I send you a screenshot in discord @Daniele.


Could you create a separate thread attaching the screenshot? Otherwise, the bug does not match the topic of this thread.

Personally, I cannot reproduce it. :frowning:

i will test it again. Couple of days ago. Need a little bit time. When i got i send you a message.